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Up Next in Classic Collection Part 3 TRT 648:00 [10.8 hours of video]

  • Fishing the Foam

    The more things change the more they remain the same. Join us as we take a look back to fishing the surf along 15th Street in Newport Beach with ultra light gear in search of corvina, perch and halibut. All being caught in knee deep water. Loaded with tips on techniques, rigging and natural ba...

  • Intrepid Panama

    The INTREPID changed the face of long-range fishing the day this incredible 116’ ABS class steel-hulled beauty hit the water in 2007. She boasts an unmatched level of luxury, performance, class and comfort combined with the most advanced electronics and onboard features imaginable, including auto...

  • Lings Socal

    After making bait, Ryan Carino put the half-day boat, SOUTHERN CAL on top of a wreck in 44 fathoms. As soon as the first offerings hit the bottom, the bite was on and it never shut off. This is as good as it gets fishing the lings in our local waters. Marc Higashi of Performance Tackle provides t...