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Up Next in Classic Collection Part 2 TRT 655:00 [11.0 hours of video]

  • Calicos On the Iron

    Hosted by Barry Brightenberg & Ben Secrest
    Fishing the iron and plastics for the calicos and yellowtail, up close and personal to structure can be as productive as any techniques around. Join two of the best, as they walk us through some of the things they do to come away from the boiler rocks a...

  • Black Marlin Boulevard

    Doug Olander, Editor in Chief writes in Volume 18, Issue 7, August, 2003 Sport Fishing magazine, “…the waters off a nondescript bluff on the northern Peru coast produced the most remarkable action the world has ever seen for colossal black marlin, abundant swordfish, striped marlin and huge bigey...

  • Lake Barrett

    An up close and personal look at fishing what many consider one of, if not, Southern California's best bass lake. Tips, tackle and techniques support this non-stop action video where between the two boats we had over 500 fish for the day. Personally, I started out in the grey with a surface pop...