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Up Next in Cow Town USA TRT 722:00 [22 hours of video]

  • Albacore, Bluefin, Yellowfin and Tails

    Join legendary owner/operator Frank LoPreste, onboard his magnificent 113’ foot long-range sportboat, ROYAL POLARIS, for a Shimano sponsored trip, designed specifically to push all the newest gear and proto-type equipment to the limits. Robby Gant and Marc Mills team up with the RP crew putting o...

  • Big Boat Big Fish

    The Revillagigedos Islands are home to the largest population of resident yellowfin tuna on earth. For over 40 years, men like Bill Poole Have pioneered long-range fishing from San Diego, making the 1000 mile run south to challenge these giant tuna.
    Films like “The Ultimate Challenge” and “Deep...

  • Deep Color

    Not since the “Ultimate Challenge” hass a film captured the imagery, excitement and true essence of what Long Range fishing is all about.
    Hosted by Tommy Rothery, Owner/Operator of the POLARIS SUPREME, DEEP COLOR is simply the most exciting and informative video ever produced on fishing for Worl...