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  • Cock A Doodle Blues

    Whenever anyone asks me, of all the places we’ve filmed, where is the best fishing? Without a moments hesitation, I tell them the East Cape. For over 15 years we’ve been coming down here, and even with all the increased pressure, the fishing along this stretch of the peninsula just keeps getting ...

  • Deep Color

    Not since the “Ultimate Challenge” hass a film captured the imagery, excitement and true essence of what Long Range fishing is all about.
    Hosted by Tommy Rothery, Owner/Operator of the POLARIS SUPREME, DEEP COLOR is simply the most exciting and informative video ever produced on fishing for Worl...

  • El Nino Invasion

    Occasionally in the tropical mid Pacific deep oceanic up-swellings, currents and high atmospheric jet streams converge, creating an extremely large body of warm equatorial water. When this body of water is of great enough mass and gets pushed hard enough, for long enough, it hits the continent, s...