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  • El Nino Invasion

    Occasionally in the tropical mid Pacific deep oceanic up-swellings, currents and high atmospheric jet streams converge, creating an extremely large body of warm equatorial water. When this body of water is of great enough mass and gets pushed hard enough, for long enough, it hits the continent, s...

  • Going Vertical

    The Waterfall Resort, located on the western side of Prince of Wales Island. About a 40-minute float plane ride from Ketchikan. Offer anglers, of all skill levels, an opportunity to do battle with some of the hardest fighting fish in the world. From giant halibut to world record chinooks and coho...

  • Mazatlan Billfish Classic

    Join us for one of the most incredible offshore tournaments in history. The World-Class Mazatlan Billfish Classic, from the beautiful El Cid Marina and REsort in Mazatlan, Mexico, where some of the best teams in the world competed for the coveted to honors. Over 290 billfish were caught and rele...