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    Join Doug Kern of Fisherman's Landing Tackle shop and Rick Maxa of Let's Talk Hook-up as they open up their bag of tricks on how they 'long line' the bay for bass and halibut. Loaded with information on tackle, tips and techniques. If you like fishing inshore, you'll really enjoy this inside lo...

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    Sturgeon are the most underrated fish we’ve ever had an opportunity to pursue. Prior to our trip, we’d been told fishing for them was like “pulling on a wet blanket.” Those reports couldn’t have been further from the truth. These Columbia River giant white sturgeon pulled as hard as any fish we’v...

  • Hoop Netting

    An in-depth look into the equipment, gear, baits and techniques it takes to have a successful night on the water. Hosted by Promar’s Ben Hong and Jim Salazar, there isn’t any facet of hoop netting that isn’t covered, including incredible underwater nighttime footage of a giant squid float.