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Watch Royal Polaris 13 Day

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  • San Clemente Island Goes Off

    For years we’ve been pitching baits into the boiler rocks and along the kelps at San Clemente Island, and have had some pretty good days. But nothing we’d ever seen could have prepared us for what the island had in store for us. Legal calicos are plentiful. But the big ones, those huge home guard...

  • Shimanos Butterfly Jigging

    An exciting, action packed look into Shimano’s revolutionary butterfly jigging systems. Using the first generation of super lines coupled with fluorocarbon shock leaders and Shimano’s unique jig designs the system was initially developed in Japan during the early 1990’s for deep water jigging for...

  • Socorro Island Reel Quest

    An absolutely amazing look at how incredibly good the fishing was at this island, before it became a marine sanctuary. There is no fishing allowed at the island any longer, but back in the day... was about as good as it gets. Yellowfin over 200 pounds inhaling the baits just feet from the swim-...