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  • The Grander

    The Grander…a dream that for most, will always remain just that, a dream. But for a few , for those willing to do whatever it takes to make their dreams a reality, this one’s for you.
    The Place: Cairns Australia – The Great Barrier Reef
    Mother ship: Atlantic Princess – Captain Brett Thomas

  • Tuna Town

    Clarion cows and foamer on the Hurricane. Guadalupe tuna & home guard mossbacks. Catalina bluefin, albacore & swordfish. Wahoo dive-bombing hard baits from 30 feet in the air. Tuna Town U.S.A. has it all. Non-stop action with incredible archive footage, circa the 1950s.
    Filmed onboard the Excel,...

  • Knots and Connections

    Take the guesswork out of how to make you connections.
    The most comprehensive, detailed and easy to understand video ever produced on making knots and connections with braided microfilament lines, including Hollow Ace to Hallow Ace finger connections, how to whip-a-loop and how to make your own ...