Jig Chucker"s Ball - Complete 6 Part Series   TRT 109:00

Jig Chucker"s Ball - Complete 6 Part Series TRT 109:00

Iron Workers of America
Join the best surface Iron fisherman in the world, West Coast Style, aboard one of, if not, the top 3/4 day in Southern California, the FV San Diego for a trip of a lifetime with owner/operator Ryan Bostin as he pounds local U.S. waters for yellowtail and bluefin over 200 pounds with long jig sticks and surface poppers. The most epic 3/4 day trip ever filmed. Packed with information, and non-stop action as these fish put the hurt to guys on the long rods. One of the best, most epic series in the history of Inside Sportfishing, with Danny Wade, Mikey Schmidt, Art Obyama, Joe Obyama, Brian Kiyohara, Steve Peterson, Danny Erickson, Taro Takeuchi, Ralph Botticelli, "Barracuda Ben", Terry Clayton, "Black" Brian, Erik Landesfiend, Ray Montera and Alan Fay.

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Jig Chucker"s Ball - Complete 6 Part Series   TRT 109:00

5 Videos

  • Season 26 Episode 16 Jig Chucker's Ball Part 1 Code Group

    "Throw it heavy! These are..." was all Booger could get out before the entire port side erupted in a foamer of giant bluefin tuna. Expecting another school of yellows, most of the guys in the bow already had jigs in the air before the fish even popped. So it was with wide eyes that we watched...

  • Season 26 Episode 17 Jig Chucker's Ball Part 2 Code Group

    "While having a reputation has lost some meaning in these days of social media-driven self-promotion, where kids who weren't even fishing during the last El Nino are claiming surface iron dominance after the first few months of this current cycle, the reputations of the men on this trip were earn...

  • Season 26 Episode 18 Jig Chucker's Ball Part 3 Code Group

    "I took a walk around the boat and the Shimano Trinidad 20A had taken the crown from the Newell 338 as the go-to reel among the best surface iron fisherman in the world. There were still a few Newells in the rack and even a couple of Jigmaster 500s haywired with Tady 45's. There were still lots ...

  • Season 26 Episode 19 Jig Chucker's Ball Part 4 Code Group

    "Arriving at North Island, we were greeted by acres of scattered bird schools working spots of yellowtail, dolphin and the occasional blue whale. It didn't take long for Booger to find the right stuff on the sonar and as he pulled the throttles back he stuck his head out the window and said, "Le...

  • Season 26 Episode 20 Jig Chucker's Ball Part 5 Code Group

    "Though we'd been running on similar spots of birds all morning, there was something different about the terns we were currently approaching. While all the other birds had flared and swooped to pick off bait almost too small to see, these remained low and focused. They also proved harder to kee...